Review: A Western Heart by Liz Harris

 A Western Heart by Liz Harris

Wyoming, 1880
Rose McKinley and Will Hyde are childhood sweethearts and Rose has always assumed that one day they will wed. As a marriage will mean the merging of two successful ranches, their families certainly have no objections.
All except for Rose’s sister, Cora. At seventeen, she is fair sick of being treated like a child who doesn’t understand ‘womanly feelings’. She has plenty of womanly feelings – and she has them for Will.
When the mysterious and handsome Mr Galloway comes to town and turns Rose’s head, Cora sees an opportunity to get what she wants. Will Rose play into her sister’s plot or has her heart already been won?

A Western Heart is comfort food in a book; it is like watching a John Wayne film on a lazy afternoon.

Rose and Cora are sisters, but Cora has eyes on Rosie’s soon to be betrothed. Adding in a fourth party in the form of Mr. Galloway, and you have a square dance.

A Western Heart is an adorable novella that will make you long for calico dresses and a time when life was simpler. This gentle story is about sibling rivalry and finding ones hearts desires.

The gentility of the romance unfolds with the laid back charm of country life and is the perfect length for a quick enjoyable read.


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