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Thank you for Visiting Elder Park Book Reviews. I appreciate all the support I have received since the launch of this blog. At Elder Park Book Reviews, I want to bring the best quality books I can find and share them with you.  Unlike most sites, I do not have a review policy, but only have one exception. I like to keep things personal, so you as a reader can get to know the authors of the books being reviewed.

If I do not like the book, I will simply refuse that book a review. As a published Author myself, I know the blood, sweat and tears that goes into writing a book and I won’t subject anyone to the horrors of a bad review; I will leave that to the professional critics. Therefore, I will only review books that I have personally read and enjoyed. This way I can bring you the cream of the crop and all of those undiscovered gems. It is my policy NOT to review Erotica but if there is a theme where a particular book would fit into, then I will post book with the full blurb and any information the author feels relevant- but NOT review. I hope you understand and my refusal does not cause offense.

There have been a lot of format changes, a few tweaks here and there for better reading experience. I am always trying to improve the website while keeping the format you have come to know and the quality you expect. I apologize if there have been any inconveniences while I have removed and repost some reviews.

facebookNow you can follow us on FaceBook too. The FaceBook page is mainly for book recommendations, freebies, competition and news from your favourite authors.

There is some exciting news on the horizon: As of May 4th, 2014, I am announcing a new Elder Park Book Review Page called “Project Nemesis” and that will specialize in the best of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy in Webzine format. ***Project Nemesis is live now please visit us and tell us what you think

Now there is another Elder Park Book Page “Elder Park Cozy”. This blog will specialize in recipes, crafting, home arts, crafting book reviews and Cozy Mystery books. I hope to see you there. You can also follow that page on Facebook.fb


I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I love writing. It has been a real pleasure to serve you. I love hearing from you, so if you have any comments, questions or suggestions; Please fill out the form bellow.

Thank you for your continued support

-Eden Langlands

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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Robin,

    Thank you for your following on the site here. I am not sure if you do reviews on novels like mine which is a Christian fiction historical family saga, released just last Sept. on If you are interested please drop me a note. I would love a review from you. Currently I am at 14 reviews on Amazon with over 4.5 ratings. Thanks and hope your day is coming along really well.

    Brenda Brown Elliott

    • Hello Brenda, I would like to reply to your lovely message personally and in private. I could not find any contact information on your blog. Can you please return to the page you left your comment on- I added a reply box where you can leave me your email address privately so I may contact you. Thank you so much 🙂

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