Down Under

cover55505-smallThe Secret Prince by Justine Lewis
“Prince Alexander Davros is on the run. From the press, from his bodyguards, and from a secret that threatens his position as heir to his country’s throne …

Journalist Maddie Lawson is determined to prove herself capable of covering hard news. She’s fuming when her boss tells her to investigate reports of a European prince holidaying undercover in Sydney. As far as Maddie is concerned, Alexander Davros is a freeloading playboy.

When their accidental meeting results in a media frenzy, Alex is convinced Maddie’s just been using him for a story. And Maddie can’t believe the cute surfer she kissed was actually royalty. With her professional reputation in tatters, Maddie has no choice but to accept the royal family’s offer to travel to Europe to write a profile on the Prince.

While furious that his father has arranged for Maddie to visit, Alex is forced to keep her close or risk having her uncover his secret. And as they spend more time together, the attraction between them grows. But if Maddie discovers the truth, she’ll have to choose between the career she’s worked so hard for and the man she’s just getting to know … ”

The secret prince is complete escapism bliss. It is a wonderful début by Justine Lewis and the perfect fairy tale for a winter’s day. It is contemporary, but there is still plenty of old fashioned romance too.

The secret prince is the kind of novel we all would wish to live but never admit to. Full of exotic locations and majestic situations, it is a glorious escape into a world full of King’s. Castles, and Prince’s- although, it is a world that no longer exists in our time, I can still dream about it.

A sweet, quick read that will keep those Cinderella day dreams alive.



untitled (23)World Change (Earthbound 1) by Maggie Munday

“Clare gets transported from present day Florence to an alternate world, one that looks like fourteenth century Italy. The only way back is through a portal half a world away, plus the local High priestess wants her dead, and the only one she can trust is a vampire called Trevi. He is the only one who exits in this world, and she knows more about what he is than he does. He is hard to resist, especially when he saves her life. Trevi can take her home but he is keeping one big secret. She will have to be like him to survive the journey through the portal back to her world making a myth a reality ”

Maggie Munday does it again! With “World change”, she created a fantastic alternative urban fantasy universe, filled with gorgeous vampires and other supernatural creatures. I loved it and I wished I could visit there.

Trevi is by far the sexiest vampire I have ever read, he is dark, brooding and dangerous. There is so much packed into this epic novel: intrigue, adventure, and an incredible romance. There were many tender moments between Trevi and Clare, that just melted my heart and plenty of action to keep me on my toes.

Once I started reading, I could not put this book down, the only bad part about this book, is the wait for the next one in the series. I highly recommend!






cover53418-smallChasing the flame by Cheryl Adnams
“Sometimes the hottest fire burns with an old flame. Trisha Carne has loved Brian Muller, of Muller’s Field vineyard, for as long as she can remember but the moment has never been right. Then an unexpected kiss on New Year’s Eve has Brian looking at her in a new way. Has she finally caught his attention? Brian’s been doing it tough since his wife left him, and has retreated into the safety of bachelorhood. So he’s surprised to find this new fling with an old flame is starting to bring him back to life.  Until his ex-wife turns up in McLaren Vale and he’s thrown into a state of confusion. Will Brian and Trisha let their pasts keep them from finding true happiness? Or will they have the courage to chase the flames that still smoulder between them?”

Another sexy story from the McLaren Vale, this time with another Muller brother. The delectable Muller brothers were first introduced in “Bet on it” and although it is a sequel, Chasing the flame can be read as a stand alone, but I recommend reading in order because both books are so wonderful.

Brian just smouldered with angst ridden sexuality and Cheryl Adnams really delved into his psyche and delivered a truly three dimensional character that you could really fall in love with and wish he was a real man that you could stand a chance with. I don’t think I could pick my favourite Muller brother because each of them are so blissful in their own way.

Cheryl Adnams has a way of bringing the McLaren Vale to life vividly, and the location becomes almost a character in its own right. Chasing the flame, is witty, sexy, and deeply romantic. I found that I was not so much reading the novel but experiencing it.

I can not wait for the next book in the series, and I wish there were so many more Muller brothers to pick from. Great read that will not disappoint, perfect for those long winters night’s to add some spicy steam.




untitled (24)Will of the heart by Darry Fraser

“So your father’s will leaves you bewildered and angry, and with the possibility of losing everything you love – your cattle station home in the red desert of central Australia. Do you stand up and fight for it against your father’s wishes or do you follow and find that the road home leads directly to another’s heart? ”


Will of the Heart is gorgeous novel, with a beautiful setting and stunning characters. Toni and Callum are electric as their desire for one another reaches a glorious climax. Toni and Callum’s romance was so gracefully written, it touched my heart and gave me hope that my own Callum is out there waiting for me.

Darry Fraser never disappoints. She is a phenomenal new Australian author that delivers every time! I can highly recommend every book she has written. Each story is packed with wonderful locations, romance and a lot of soul.

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