Review: The game and the governess by Kate Noble

untitled (19)The game and the governess by Kate Nobel

“As the Earl of Ashby, Lord Edward Granville has never been in short supply of luck. Making a wager that he can have any woman he desires even without his title, ‘Lucky Ned’ switches places with John Turner, his friend and secretary. But once he does, Ned’s luck suddenly abandons him, for the ladies now have eyes only for Turner.

Governess Phoebe Baker wants nothing more than to keep her head down, teach her students, and go unnoticed – especially by the Earl of Ashby. But his rakish secretary has the infuriating habit of constantly crossing her path – and making her pulse quicken. If this prim-and-proper governess lets her heart rule, will fate intervene where Ned’s luck has forsaken him? ”


The premise is that Ned switches places with his Secretary, John Turner for a bet. The bet is that Ned can still have any woman he desires, but sadly, without his title – the fish just aren’t biting.

Phoebe is a strong woman who at times I think is playing Ned. She isn’t as naïve as your usual heroines.

I didn’t really form any attachments to Ned, I found him a bit arrogant, shallow and when he didn’t get his own way- he took what he needed with no regard to anyone else.

With that being said, I enjoyed this book because of Phoebe, she really held her own and I enjoyed her little cat and mouse games with Ned.

The game and the Governess was a light quick read and would certainly entertain Regency romance fans.


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