Soul Mates: Romancing the Soul by Sarah Tranter

romancingRomancing the Soul by Sarah Tranter

Your Soul Mate is out there! Let a past life lead the way
Rachael Jones hasn’t exactly chosen an average career path. She’s a ‘past-life regressionist’ and is now hoping to help her clients find their Soul Mates through reconnecting them with their past lives. But despite her best intentions, there are problems. Rachael made the mistake of regressing her best friend, Susie Morris, who has since been haunted by events that occurred in her past life.
When Susie meets Hollywood actor, George Silbury in unlikely circumstances, she is completely unprepared for her reactions. There’s an intense mutual attraction that neither can explain nor ignore.
Can George help Susie to overcome the sense of desolation she feels as the result of her past-life regression or will history’s habit of repeating itself ruin all chances of her finding happiness? “


Romancing the soul is one of the most unique reads I have read in a long time. I found the subject matter of past life regression so riveting. The fact that you could possibly find your soul mate through past life regression was even more fascinating.

Sarah Tranter has such a distinctive writing style that you feel as if you were in her characters head willing them on. She blends heart wrenching drama with her own quirky humour. She used the phrase “The nutty regresser” to describe Rachael and I have to say I chuckled all day about it.

George Silbury leapt off the page and stood out for me. Although, as a Hollywood actor, you would expect some sort of inflated ego but Sarah Tranter gave him depth. When he meets Susie, there are fireworks. The only way I can describe Susie and George’s interactions is passionate.

Romancing the soul stands out from the crowd. Sarah Tranter’s laborious research into past life regression is clear. This book exceeded any expectations because Sarah Tranter took a speculative subject matter and made it a real possibility.

Whether you are sceptical about Soul mates or a believer, this book will convince you that there is some gravitas to the notion. Past life regression is something I always heard about but never understood but after reading Romancing the Soul, I feel it is worth finding more about.

Sarah Tranter finely crafted novel offers us an extraordinary romance that will stay with you long after the book is read. Romancing the soul is what all good romance stories should be, clever, emotional, with an unforgettable story line with twists and turns.

After reading her début supernatural romance “No such thing as immorality”- I am very eager for the authors next book. Once you pick up a Sarah Tranter book, they are very hard to put down.

I highly recommend this book for a great holiday read.

lineClare Chase (2)I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Choc Lit’s latest discovery Clare Chase, and she is here  now to tell you a little about herself and what a soul mate means to her:

EPBR: What does a soul mate mean to you?

CC: A soul mate is a very beguiling idea. It’s someone with whom you have a deep connection. You don’t have to have known each other for years; there’s something innate that links you. For me, it’s someone whose eye you catch, because you both find something funny at exactly the same moment. In song, it’s summed up by Alanis Morissette’s Head over Feet. Soul mates understand each other’s subtext without having to ask. And in a romantic relationship, passion is coupled with this close understanding, making for a heady mix.

It’s also a connection that won’t fade with time, which means it has excellent potential for drama in fiction! If circumstances have kept soul mates apart, a chance reunion after they’ve each developed independent lives can have unpredictable consequences.

EPBR: Tell me about your debut novel for Choc lit?

CC: It’s a romantic thriller called Anna in the Works, which was shortlisted for Novelicious’ Undiscovered competition. It’s set in London and the Lake District.

Anna’s being followed by a man she met at her friend’s art gallery. She fell for him on sight, but that was before she knew he’d given her a false name. Torn between backing off and allowing him to explain, Anna gets drawn in. It’s a decision that will put her life on the line…

EPBR: How has signing with Choc Lit changed your life?

CC: Knowing Choc Lit’s tasting panel really liked my novel has been the most incredible boost. I’m so grateful to them for giving my work their seal of approval. Joining Choc Lit’s existing authors is also brilliant – I love their work, so I’m proud to be amongst them, and they’re also a very friendly and supportive group.

In addition, having a publishing contact means I’ve become pretty busy! I’ve been working on things like an author’s page on Facebook and a re-jig of my website. Alongside that, I’m just finishing work on my next novel – another romantic thriller, set in Cambridge, UK. It’s very exciting to be writing for an audience now, not just for my own pleasure!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for “Anna in the Works”! While we impatiently wait, you can visit Clare’s website for more information and news.

fb Visit Clare on FaceBook by clicking the icon or follow her on Twitter @clarechase.


Dancing in the Rain is not a traditional Soul mate book, but I have included it because Jacob’s and Rosenya’s relationship is that of a soul mate experience.

dancingDancing in the rain by Amanda James

What if the responsibility for preventing a major disaster lay with you?

“Jacob Weston has felt like he doesn’t belong for as long as he can remember and the strangely vivid dreams he experiences only serve to make him feel more alone. But when his job in research science takes him thousands of miles away from what he thought of as home, Jacob finds the mystery of his past begin to unravel. A trip to the breathtaking Monument Valley and an extraordinary encounter with a Navajo guide seem to hold the key to who Jacob really is.

After meeting the beautiful Rosenya Neboyia, Jacob feels he may have found what he’d been searching for. But with this meeting is the discovery that his dreams come with a responsibility, and that responsibility is bigger and scarier than he could have ever imagined”.

Dancing in the rain is an immense drama that hooks you in from the very first line. It is so beautifully written, the pages fly by without blinking. It is truly a testament to Amanda James’ talent.

The painstaking details of the Navajo nation has the intricate details that only an insider on the reservation would know. The Authors description of the locations are breath-taking and that world comes to life on the page in vivid ochres and dessert sands.

Amanda James is such a brilliant writer, she is able to invoke the tastes and the delicious scents of wild sage with ease. My mouth watered when Jacobs first Navajo meal was described; I could taste the sweetness of the butter-nut squash myself.

In this epic saga, that spawns from WW2 to the Welsh valleys and concluding in the American South West-,Jacob follows his heart and goes on a vision quest. He discovers the family he never knew and his Navajo cousins- the Redbirds. That kind of Native American Mysticism is what makes Dancing in the Rain so magical.

Jacob is a wonderful character who battles with what he was raised to believe and the truth of his real heritage. He tries to find his identity and place in the world, and ultimately himself along the way. Slowly he realises through Matthius Redbird that it was always his fate. A fate that includes his people’s salvation. Believe me that part of the story arc is fast paced and full of explosive action.

When Jacob meets Roseyna you can feel the electricity of love at first site and it is a stunning description of two souls bonding. There is also some very steamy scenes between the both of them.


Today’s Quiz is “What is the name of your Soul Mate?”

Our Soul mate feature for this week is over, but it will resume next Tuesdays with three more great books by the incredible Christina Courtenay. Tomorrow we will feature our next “Down Under” feature and friday I will bring you two new releases.

Don’t forget to visit our sister site Project Nemesis for our special Zombie week. For now I will leave you with a beautiful song sung by the adorable Robert Downey Jr., and it is from his reincarnation/soul mate film “Chances are”. Enjoy!



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