Feature: Irrepressible You by Georgina Penney

ireIrrepressible You by Georgina Penney

“You don’t become a notorious British celebrity without rubbing a few people the wrong way, which is why writer and comedian Ben Martindale has decamped to Australia until the latest media frenzy dies down.

When he meets Amy Blaine, a perky blonde who dresses like a 1950s pin-up girl, he knows he’s hit the satirical jackpot. He begins to fill his weekly London column with snarky observations about her life, clothes, and even their most intimate moments. It doesn’t occur to him that Amy, who is letting her guard down for the first time in her adult life, might be upset – after all, it’s hilarious, and his readers love her!

It isn’t until Amy discovers the extent of his betrayal that Ben begins to realise just how badly he’s cocked up the best thing that ever happened to him. But is it too late?”


pinupSet in the sunny port city of Perth, Australia, this stunning debut has style. I loved Amy. I thought she was funny cute, sassy and clever. I am a big fan of the 1950’s style of dress and wished I had her wardrobe.

Everything has such personality in this book, from the outdoor plumbing to Gerald, the dog and his testicle implants.

There are plenty of false starts for Ben and Amy and at times it feels as if someone poured a bucket of water over you. When they do get together it is very saucy. In all honesty, it is racy but it is done tastefully. I blushed myself a few times, and needed a cold shower by the time it was over.

This book is a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an out of the ordinary story with loads of style.



Now an exclusive interview with Georgina Penney:

EPBR: Amy is such a stylish character, do you prefer the pin up look yourself?

GP: She is a stylish little wench, isn’t she?

I do love the pin up look. Forties and fifties fashion is so flattering that no matter how much of a bad hair/my-arse-is-huge day I’m having, I feel awesome once I frock up and whack on a bit of make-up. That said, there is a huge tom boy part of me that thinks jeans and a T-shirt is a much easier option. It makes for an interesting wardrobe. Glam to grunge and nothing in between!

EPBR: What inspired you to write Irrepressible You?

GP: Amy originally started off as a secondary character in Unforgettable You, my next release. She just popped onto the page one day and I loved her so much that she had to get a story of her own. Her bubbly personality, eccentric house and narcoleptic dog, Gerald are all based on real-life people, places and things that I’d been saving up for years. (Especially Gerald.)

EPBR:What is your next project?

GP: Unforgettable You, my next book is coming out on May the 14th this year. It’s the prequel to Irrepressible You and is all about Amy’s sister Jo, an engineer who works on oil rigs and Stephen Hardy, heir to Evangeline’s Rest winery. Jo’s story was so much fun to write, I can’t wait to hear what people think.

I can not wait for that book to come out. I loved Irrespressible You. Here is an exclusive sneak peek at the next book:



Unforgettable You by Georgina Penney

Release date: May 14th, 2014

“AAfter months working on an oil rig in the Atlantic Ocean, engineer Jo Blaine can’t wait to get home. Her job is tough, and she is desperate for some long overdue girl time. The last thing Jo needs when she walks through her front door is to find a strange man staying in her house. When she learns that her uninvited guest is none other than Stephen Hardy, she’s tempted to head straight back out to sea.

Stephen has always felt guilty for the part he played in ruining Jo’s life years earlier and immediately jumps at the chance to make things up to her by looking after her apartment and her giant cranky cat. It takes some fast talking, but Jo is finally convinced to let him stay. And by the time she leaves for her next shift at work, they’re both eagerly anticipating her return.

But as they grow closer, it soon becomes clear Jo is hiding something about her past that is coming back to haunt her. After a lifetime of taking care of herself and her sister Amy, Jo isn’t used to sharing her problems, especially when they involve her messy family history. But when threats start to escalate, Jo must decide whether to trust Stephen before her stubborn independence places them all at risk.”

Don’t forget to visit Georgina Penney’s website for more information and news.




2 thoughts on “Feature: Irrepressible You by Georgina Penney

  1. I am so glad you liked Irrepressible you, Robyn. I read it last year and loved it, and I’m very lucky to have an advance copy of Unforgettable You on my Kindle right now.

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