Review: Murder at Honeychurch Hall: A Mystery by Hannah Dennison

monday5Murder at Honeychurch Hall: A Mystery by Hannah Dennison

“If the stones of the house could talk. When Kat Stanford abandons a successful television career to help her mother Iris move into a rustic carriage house in Devon, she quickly discovers that behind the well-trimmed hedgerows, Honeychurch Hall is populated by more eccentrics than Kat had ever met in all her time in London.

The Dowager Countess, Lord and Lady Honeychurch, their precocious seven-year-old heir, his missing nanny, a brooding stable manager, a housekeeper with an extensive designer shoe collection. Everyone seems to harbour a secret – and Kat’s mother may be hiding the darkest of them all.”





Another new cozy mystery to sink my teeth into. There are some great side stories in this book but I think at times Kat’s mother steals the show, with her steamy romance novels.

Kat is a great character who gives up her job as a TV Antiques Show host to run her own shop. Kat has to rush off to save her mother in darkest Devon and that is when the adventure begins.

Devon in the mind of author Hannah Dennison is as quirky as “Jam and Jerusalem” with wacky vibrant characters.

There is so much to love in Murder at Honey Church Hall; it is a fun cozy with so much atmosphere. I am look forward to the next instalment.


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