Review: Just Released by Entangled Romance

lovesHeiress Kate Barker thought she’d met the man of her dreams the night the mysterious English viscount swept her off her feet at the masquerade. Until his real identity is revealed – the cold, calculating scoundrel is really there to rip her world apart.

The only things that have kept widower Stephen Worth alive for the past two years are the promise of revenge against the man who framed him for murder and the love for Andy, his son, who was taken by the beautiful but vexing sister of his dead wife. He didn’t know what to expect when he met Kate, but it wasn’t undeniable desire.

 Torn by attraction, driven by hatred, tempered by their love for a child, Stephen and Kate fight their growing feelings across the country to the wilds of Colorado. If he cannot convince Kate to trust him before she learns the truth about his past, he could lose Andy – but his demons are all the ammunition she needs to keep the boy for good.”

Love’s revenge is the first in a exciting new series by Joan Avery. It has lavish description of late Victoriana draws you into her world. The novel begins at St. Louis’s masked “Veiled prophet’s ball” when Katherine meets her “dark apparition who shakes her to her core”. She tries to convince herself that it was a momentary lapse and he doesn’t really exist- until she meets him.

Viscount Montgomery, a metallurgist- shunned from England because of a family scandal, takes one look at Katherine and is smitten.

Katherine isn’t impressed with him and even calls him a remittance man only after her fortune. Stephen hides his true identity from Katherine until he is sure that she is the right woman. Katherine fights her feelings for him because she knows deep down that he is the man who can take everything away from her.

The love of a child unites them on a quest into Indian territory, where more secrets are revealed. This novel was a hot sizzling read that will pull on your heart strings.


mistressRemington Hawthorne, Earl of Latham, has spent his life protecting the Crown. When he’s assigned to play the part of lover to Emma Masterson, one of the few female spies in England and the one woman he can’t forget, he’ll have to risk his heart as well as his life.

 It isn’t easy being an independent woman, much less a spy. Perpetually tasked with proving she is as valuable as any man in her profession, the last thing Emma needs is to be reunited with the one man who makes her want to forget her duties and get lost in passion.
Pretending to be his mistress isn’t difficult – remembering that it is all a charade is a challenge. With every glance, every touch, every kiss, she is drawn deeper under his spell and pulled further from her goals. She refused him once, but it will take every ounce of strength to not give in to the passion that still burns strong…”

Emma is a spy working for the mysterious Seven. Death is stalking her – as you immediately get sucked into the action. Emma now has to pair up with her old partner Remy. Emma is not pleased with sitution as they once had a failed affair in Paris.

She has to pretend to be Remy’s mistress to find Lord Comfry’s journal and the secrets that are held with in. Remy and Emma are explosive together, but Emma still has her doubts about Remy. Will she over come them, solve the mystery and get her hearts desire?

This novella has rich textured seductive scenes. Very well written for smooth reading. There is intrigue and espionage and even a salacious party of debauchery. I loved this spy romance and only wished it could have been a full length novel. I am secretly hoping this is just a taster for a larger series.


duke'sDrake, Duke of Manchester is searching the Marriage Mart for a perfect bride. He wants a woman who is poised, sophisticated, and worthy of the title Duchess. But most of all, he wants a woman who does not want the useless emotion of love.

 Socially awkward Miss Penelope Clayton isn’t meant for marriage. A serious botanist, she has no desire to wed, so being forced by her guardian to participate in the Season to find a husband is torture. She’ll never fit in with the ton, especially if they discover she’s been pretending to be a man within the scientific community.
As Drake’s family makes over Penelope, turning her from naive bluestocking to enchanting debutante, he is put upon to introduce her to society and eligible bachelors. Despite dance lessons and new gowns, Penelope is the opposite of poised and sophisticated as she stumbles from one mishap to the next. Why then, does he find it so hard to resist her?”

Penelope is summoned to London for a season against her wishes. She would much rather stay behind and with her botany specimens. Drake is told to take Penelope under his wing for her first season. Even though Penelope is described as social inept, Drake is still intrigued.

Drake tells her he needs a wife of social importance and should look for a suitor elsewhere. He regrets that and sets about to win her heart again.

I enjoyed reading as the spark of sexual tension turned into a inferno of desire and the discovery of true love. The book was right combination of steamy romance and old fashioned comedic romp. You will not be disappointed with The Duke’s quandary.


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